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Why Vacant Properties don't sell?

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Why builders always create a model home?
Why Vacant Properties don't sell?

Professional Realtors knows that vacant properties are difficult to sell, and they tend to get over-scrutinized by buyers. In the absence of furniture and decorating, a vacant property tends to draw the viewers attention to its inherent flaws and the prospect on an uncertain layout.
A vacant property has no idea; it has no personal touch. Without an idea, a vacant property is emotionally unappealing to viewers. It takes more than a few minutes from the property buyer's fertile imagination to put life into a property without furnishings. Stagers who create a lifestyle in unoccupied property are good at injecting warmth and personality to a vacant space. With limited time and budget, they create miracles. They give the property a life.
The power of suggestion is unmistakable in these before and after. You may be the buyer looking at a vacant property and want to decorate your own way. The fact is it is far easier to start from an existing layout better than a blank slate.
This is it, why builders always create a model property because they know from experience that furnished, and decorated property sell.

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